How to Post a Good Job Ad
A great job ad has the following characteristics
Keep the job title short and sweet
Try and use a job title that will stand out and atract the best talent. Good job titles are short and sweet and use attractive keywords
Be as elaborate as possible regarding the technical details and requirements of the job
List the technology being used, the programming language being used, design patterns, app architectures etc

You are welcome to include a URL to any wiki, Google Docs and Jira pages that you feel the freelancer will find helpful

Don’t mention required freelancer attributes like “being a good communicator”. All freelancers have this attribute and you don’t need to worry about soft-skills
Try to be fair with the job price
We know you and your company want to save money. Freelancers work really hard and it's an industry that is really hard to survive in so please be fair with your pricing. It has to work for you and the freelancer