How our Payment Process Works
Please read this document carefully. By using Find Freelance Work you accept the statement, policies and terms stipulated below
General Information regarding Payments
Find Freelance Work charges ten percent (10%) of the job price for it’s services

Here is an example of how our commision structure works:
  1. Company A posts a job with the job price of USD $100
  2. Find Freelance Work publishes this job to all the freelancers on the platform for USD $90

This is the only commission Find Freelance Work deducts. There are no additional fees charged by Find Freelance Work

All payments are performed through PayPal. Freelancers are required to have a account
How Payment works for Freelancers
When you see an available job in Find Freelance Work, the company that posted the job has successfully performed the payment and the money is waiting in escrow

After you have completed work that is satisfactory to the company, the company will flag the job as completed and your payment will be scheduled. Please keep in constant communication with the company regarding any progress on the job/your work

It will take around 24 hours (from the time the company flagged the job as complete) for the payment to be performed. Find Freelance Work may contact the company and ask them to approve the payment to you

The payment provider/processor may have additional delays incurred however, this is not under the control of Find Freelance Work

You will be notified by email when any or all of these events occur
How Payment works for Companies
After you have performed the payment for either all your jobs or a specific job, the payment will go into escrow and the job will go live on Find Freelance Work

You can edit the job description after you have performed the payment

Afer you have accepted a candidate (freelancer), the freelancer will start working on the job. After the freelancer has completed the job and you are happy with the work, you can flag the job as complete and this will schedule the payment to the freelancer
Payment Problems
Please report payment related issues to or A response is guaranteed within 24 hours